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    1. Don’t get me wrong, America is definitely home to dense populations of fat, heavily armed, ignorant buffoons who can’t be counted on to even be able to read the initials of their own country, much less sew the corresponding flag above the lettering. All I’m saying is that textiles & manufacturing are no longer part of our economy. And also that we’re fat & stupid. And we’ll shoot your ass.

    2. Yeah, if they are not gonna rape you in the price of the shirt by saying it’s made in U.S.A. The shirt will eventually hop out of your closet one night and just LITERALLY RAPE YOU!

    3. Unless I shoot it first. To be safe I shoot all my clothes as soon as I buy them, so they don’t rape me in my sleep.

    4. I just bring my gun to Walmart so I can buy all of my cheap clothing and grab a double quarter pounder with cheese to go with it. It’s funny because I never really wear clothes anyway, especially when I’m at Walmart…. strange. It’s the modern form of hunting for a new-age redneck like myself.

    5. ….FRED you wear halo kitty… when XIMENEZ sucks YOUR DICK… NO-MORE panties for YOUR ASS-O… Crap I forgot to change the nick first.

    6. Then we have BLAST! You SAY you want no more. WORNG! WE TAKE EACH IN OUR ARMS THEN LICK EAC OUTHER ASS-O. nICKY! IS THAT [email protected] DANM! I HOLD YOU IN MY ARMS AND SUCK EACH OTHER COCK! I’M NOT GAY!… Damn it! Which email address was I supposed to use?

  1. 😀 This is so fucking irespectful for the UK……….So our Flag is supposed to have little pathetic red straps?? It’s like the Logo of Fast food and unhealthy diet , it’s like this nation is a Clown..They make the world laugh, Ok, but they do not take everything seriously. DANG

  2. I was going to say Americans are Fat and thats a XXXL shirt, but I would rather say “Big Book of British smiles”, Cheers!

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