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    1. Oh, shut up fattie. It’s also not OK to smoke pot the whole time while you are pregnant. Lets take a poll and ask people what they think does more damage to a child.

      Stupid fucking cunt.

    2. @DeadlyFoez- You’re a moron. Smoking pot while you’re pregnant doesn’t damage you’re kid. Being a lazy, ignorant parent does.

    3. Maybe someone else pulled his pants down and he’s pulling them back up.

      That’s what I always tell the cops, it’s worked so far.

    4. @Kelta.Rose, Trying to tell me that as being factual is pretty shitty after knowing that she smoked pot during 2 pregnancies and both children came out “autistic”. And try doing some research on the matter, studies have shown that smoking pot while pregnant does affect the child. Get a clue, stupid cunt #2.

    5. Really? What studies? You have read them in their entirety? Point me to an actual book that links Autism to pot through research, not an internet article that claims it.

    6. Do you not know how to use google? Are you really that stupid? I have read plenty enough. Who the fuck publishes shit in books anymore. Things make it to the internet faster than it does in to published books. And if you REALLY think that mind altering drugs will have no effect on an unborn fetus then please explain to me why both children were born with disabilities especially when it is rare for multiple children in one family to have autism, more rare for girls to have it over boys, but extremely rare for 2 female children to be born with it. Yeah, must have been a coincidence, not the illegal mind altering drugs. You’re as much as a dumb fuck as Liz. Lets hope you never procreate.

    7. And even if it wasn’t the mind altering drugs that cause 2 children’s disability, it is still extremely lousy and wrong for a mother to put her own drug addictions before the health of her unborn child.
      Hell, epic fail says “parenting fail” on every picture of a pregnant woman smoking a cigg, do you really think that the vast majority of people would ever say “Yes, it’s ok to get high while you are pregnant”? No, you are in the minority there.
      You and Liz should be the poster child’s of why people need to pass a test to procreate. Stupid bitches.

    8. Any fucking idiot with a laptop can publish “articles” online saying that the fucking sky is falling, does that make it true? NO! Who publishes shit in books? Ummm, lets think about this… Doctors? Scientists? You know? The people who do ‘research’ on this sort of thing. They publish medical journals all the time to let people know what is going on this ever expanding field. If you are so fucking stupid to believe everything that you read on the internet then you should heat a knife on the stove and drive it through your testicles now so you don’t produce any gullible little fucktards like yourself.

    9. And since you are so against pot while pregnant, why not be against caffeine, sugar and processed “fast food”? They are ‘mind altering’ also. Is it because the government says one is illegal and pushes the other one? With all the toxins women put in their bodies every day, pot is not the worst by far…

    10. Deadlyfoez you’re the moron here. I have friends that have smoked weed in their pregnancies and their kids have come out fine. I work in a net reach program and we work with autistic kids, and their mothers have never used drugs and are the most responsible, caring mothers you’ve ever met. They didn’t use drugs and yet their kids are autistic.The research for the cause of autism is incomplete , they don’t know for sure what causes autism. All they know for sure it’s that It’s genetics. Don’t get me wrong I don’t support mothers doing any type of drugs or alcohol while their pregnant, it’s not something I would do but get your facts straight.

    11. I think that there are so many assholes getting research grants and just reporting some bullshit to fit their agendas that we can’t trust any of these studies. I’m sure one in ten, though, is legit. This week this shit is good for you; next week it will kill you. WTF?

    12. See? That’s because “cancer” is their agenda. They’ll never tell you the fact that being named Fred gets you more pussy. Of course, I’m happy that they don’t. More for me.

    13. Thanks for having my back on this one Mara… DeadlyFoez obviously needs to read more books…

  1. @kelta rose and Mara.. You’re crazy for thinking smoking pot is ok during pregnancy, remember people having that idea about tobacco use during pregnancy?? Withdrawals and asthma anyone?

    1. You’re another moron. Did you not read the part where I said that I do not agree with mothers doing drugs and alcohol during pregnancy?

  2. Kelta.Rose, You really are a dumb cunt. Have you done any reading on the matter? Have you talked with doctors about it? I have.
    So, since pot is “not the worst”, that then means that it is OK to use while pregnant?
    Go kill yourself. Stupid whore. You are making yourself look worse by supporting illegal drug use while pregnant.

    1. Look, the simple fact is that there is no evidence to even remotely suggest that smoking pot during pregnancy causes autism. So you are wrong. Read a few books and come back with better arguments and better insults because calling me a “dumb cunt” and “stupid whore” only enlighten people to your ignorance (and limited vocabulary) not mine.

    1. Share your popcorn Fred… Cause this shit is definitely over…

      And don’t stick your dick through the bottom of the bucket again, I’m on to you!

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