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    1. XIMENEZ, It’s about time, you took your head out of FREDS man-hole.. But with this DUMB Comment, I think you should put it back….

    1. Nah it is just saying MAMA! BUT I think his mama is probably one ugly woman. No smurfing lie

  1. what if u step on it? 🙁 Reminds me of the little chicken I killed when I was little… IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my mom showed it to me in a plastic transparent bag when it’s already dead, I was already very traumatized and shocked and she still said “look what you did”… I’m not the same since then.

  2. It might look cute, but it is pure evil. If people only knew that it was thinking about torture, rape and murder. Luckily for us, it does not have hands.

  3. he should take it home and raise it, and when its old enough he must release it to the wild when the other ducks are flying south.

  4. So cute! But sad too that it doesn’t have a real mama to bond with. That guy must have been there when the duckling first hatched. It bonded to him. As far as the duckling is concerned, that guy is his mama!

  5. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the duck’s presumed dead. Guy who videoed this didn’t actually care about it and left it outside.

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