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  1. @XIMENEZ, They have a name for his DIAGNOSED
    “Ursusagalmatophilia” HAVE anyone Diagnosed you?? If so can you tell us?? Using your head to have SEX with FRED?

    1. I never have sex with teddy bears, that’s fucked up. I use the teddy bear to LURE the kids into giving me reacharounds while humping the back of my head with the bear.

  2. These people will copulate with anything both carbon based and inanimate.
    This did not surprise me one bit when I first read what “race” it would be.

    1. No.
      We would have been so much better off had we picked our own cotton and scuttled those slave ships before leaving West Africa.

    2. The irony is, your hate and prejudice make you no better (in fact worse) than the people you continually denigrate from the comfort of your pc chair.

    3. JK, you’re a fucking moron. I bet you’re some deluded, idealistic, liberal college student still suckling the teet of your parents’ bankroll. Get out in the real world and you’ll see what these “people” have to offer to society. Hell, join the army like I did…I’ll never forget the time I walked into the head and saw two boons whacking off and talking conversationally as if it were the most natural thing to be doing.

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