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    1. Kinda low on vocabulary aren’t ya? It OK I will try to use smalls word so not to confuse you…. Confuse means you don’t understand…

    1. Well, it wouldn’t really be gentlemanly if you make her carry the baby. Just swap the kid out at 30 feet.

    2. Hmm. Sticky, icecream, monkey hands or hard gripping, gritty MILF hands. Only one choice there.

  1. Just another dumbass attention whore living in the moment, with no perception or concern for what could happen.

  2. looks fake to me. She looks like she is laying on the rocks, not climbing. the guy to the left looks like he is just standing on the ground with a rope in his hand and the rope his is holding does not hang behind him like it would if he was perpendicular to the rock face. I think it’s posed on a rock, not a climb.

  3. who cares, it’s her child, this is equal to normal people taking their child for a stroll in the park, she’s a badass. How many of you rock climb. this kids gunna look back and be proud, probably be a professional snowborder, live motherfuckers!

    1. But you DO see the irony, that she HAS a helmet!?! Toproping in an easy route with the kid on my back, ok (though I’d tie the baby in differently). But, either, the rock is so solid, no need for a helmet or a helmet for both.

  4. 2lolo i hope pays you to be on here… lol, i know they dont so damn grow so talent…. oh but you wont… youre just a lowlife.

    p.s. I’m always happy!

  5. It’s always cringeworthy to see all these bad parents doing all this stupid stuff. Wanna be a parent? Take responsibilty. If you can’t do that: get yourself a plank with a face on it, just like Johny from Ed, Edd & Eddy. Then take it for a ride in a stroller and post it here.

  6. Nobody’s pointed out the worst fail… and that’s if this kid survives to school, he has to deal with being named Ffion.

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