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    1. He’s a puke eater, Fred, jesus- and his name is PINEAPPLE!!! And I know they say dogs are man’s best friend and all, but that little fucker wants me dead. And I think he can do it, too. I’m pretty sure he cut the phone lines, but I can’t prove it.

    2. Sounds like he’s got something of a grudge. What did you do to him to bring about such animosity?

    3. Well to hear him tell it I practically roofied the poor guy and raped him repeatedly for an entire weekend- but that’s NOT how it went down. Either way, he’s got it in for me. I’m pretty sure he pees in my milk but I can’t prove it.

    4. Get him high on bath salts, then do him in. It’s fool proof. Just tell the cops that he got all zombified and tried to eat your face off. The lab results will show that he had zombie juice in his system.

    5. That’s fuckin’ easy, man! Haven’t you ever poisoned some fuckwit before? You just mix it up into about 3/4 and put the fork in the other 1/4. Then just taste the 1/4. Jesus! They don’t teach you shit in that special ed school, do they?

  1. MARA, That’s the FAKE 2lolo… I’m the one and only 2lolo…. Remember last night?? When I FUCK your MOUTH. I RAM mt 9 inch. Cock all the way down….. Just when I CAME….. You cumm!!!!

    1. If I had you in front of me I would punch your teeth out one by one, for being disgusting, a pig, and a perv.

  2. Dammit-halfway into the video,the 21 Jump Street ad popped up and covered up almost the whole page…these pop-ups are going crazy!!!

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