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  1. Crap like this doesn’t actually succeed… anyone can challenge this sort of BS and get their money back (or be allowed to refuse payment) in these sorts of situations. These wannabe-scammers only deserve a solid kick in the crotch ^.^

    1. kick to the crotch to the seller and twice as much to the dumb bidder that doesn’t read the description.

  2. I think the main question is why the fuck would anyone pay $1000 for a pair of fucking trainers in the first place!!!

  3. People are uber-stupid to believe that they can actually get away with selling a photo on eBay while trying to deceive bidders into believing they will receive the pictured product. Buying from an eBay seller is a contract and no court has or will enforce this kind of deception.

  4. Typical ghetto black scammer on EBAY.
    I’ve seen different variations of the same theme ( Bidding on a picture of an X-Box…..empty LCD TV boxes, …IPOD ( case only) ..etc.)

  5. Why the fuck would anyone spend that much on a damn pair of shoes, anyway? Even if this wasn’t a scam, WTF?

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