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  1. What a tool. Clueless bitch. Love how he lowers the mic every line, trying to be cool, but he’s not in fact done “singing” said line. Fuck this tard.

  2. WTF is he even trying to “sing”? And why is he even using the mic? its not even on… And he lowers the mic and keeps singing, what the fuck indeed.

    1. Yeah, when it started I thought well he can growl… but then the high part came in… haha it sounded like Krang!

  3. his problem is simple, hes trying to do screaming metal at a talking level , any metal vocalist will tell ya,you gotta project, so in term, trying it his way sounded like a cat getting caught in a garbage disposal. Turn the music waaay the fuck up and give er another try…. then we can call fail if he still sounds like a molested goat.

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