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  1. Is this a date rape kit? I didn’t bother to read anything. I’m thinking that it’s not because it seems to involve breakfast in the morning.

  2. There’s an even simpler version. Take a Fancy Feast cat food can (these are made of thinner metal than most cans so the next step is only a little bit hard) and using a normal hole punch, make a ring of holes below the rim. And that’s it. Pour your fuel in, light it, give it a moment to warm up, and put your pot directly on the can.

    Admittedly, most hobos don’t have cats, where as they do drink beer, so that’s an advantage to the first design.

  3. These things are pretty cool for camping in places where you simply can’t have a bonfire. Dryer lint with a lil wax in it works great too.

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