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  1. Some men just don’t know when to stop.

    Charm needs to do the world a favor and jump off the highest cliff he can find.

  2. is he a rich faggot or a really stupid man?
    or he is really smart and the boyfriend doesn’t realize she is cheating on Charm.. but charm sounds gay

    1. well she calls him her “bff” so he’s just a rich idiot. her and her boyfriend should do a sex tape and show it to him. dude will probably buy her a boat.

  3. my friend baught me a car. he baugh me ywo actually. a 2009 bmw s40 and when that got old he got me 2012. no strings attached. having friends with money is awesome

  4. she probably sucked his balls for this car asian girls are the biggest smuts they will get bukaked for 10 bucs… her b/f is probably still kissing some other guys dick… fucking facebook losers

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