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    1. kinda like those arrows aren’t really there. just put tape over them & look again. Dumb fuckin trick. Fuck You EpicFail

    1. Exactly same colors. Remainig differences were produced by the TN-panels of the monitors. Change angle of view to verify.

  1. Only part of the box is the same color the part you cover your finger with is a lighter color than the top giving the illusion the color of the bottom box is lighter. So on a very technical level no the boxes aren’t the same color because one is lighter at the top while the other is darker at the bottom 😛

  2. Worked on my phone….put a finger horizontally where the sides of tha box meet….for some reason tha color looks the same above n below…

  3. It’s just by removing the highlight. Your brain actualy thinks the color is at an angle, thats why it gives that effect.

  4. It’s gradient. The top of the bottom box is lighter but getting darker in the bottom. When you physically/optically cover the lightest bit with your finger – they are the same colour.

    1. It’s the background colours that influence your brain to see two different colours when they;re both the same. Also the subtle shading on the join of the boxes help make it look like two different shades of grey.
      Clever trick of the mind =)

  5. I’ve seen better versions of this illusion, although the part where you can see through it by covering the middle is kinda cool.

  6. um the bottom of the box is the same color as above but the top of the bottom box is cleary white which is a different color. so really the bottom box is two different colors. #fail

  7. they are NOT the same color. The lower block has a whiter top…. by covering the white part you see the rest is the same color. oops, ihavehiv beat me to it!!

  8. THEY ARE DIFFERENT COLORS. Paste the image into mspaint. Then use the dropper. Then click Edit Colors and it will give you the RGB value. The top is all 125. The bottom is all 127.

  9. I had to check just to make sure, for my own shits and giggles but seeing all these comments, I had to add this. Both top and bottom comprised of 4 of the same colour hexed value 0x7B7B7B through 0x7F7F7F (not counting the faded edges.

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