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  1. Hello. I’m from Pamplona (Spain), the city of this image. (Sorry for my poor english). Only must say that this “mascot” is a commercial icon of a famous T-shirt: Kukuxumusu, that the last years are one of the sponsors of the San Fermin feasts. The balls are because in the T-shirts, the artist painted it to be “original”. Simply.

  2. This morning i wrote about the meaning of this photo, that is in my city, for people whould know, but moderators dont published it. The tipical censorship of internet… that hurts…

  3. I actually know this, this is Kukushumushu. The balls are intentional, in fact, I think that’s what made it popular

  4. This photo was taken in Pamplona, in the North of Spain. You may know the city for the run of the bulls in the streets.
    The mascot was designed this way on porpouse. In fact, its name is “Testis” (from testicles). Its the mascot of a clothing mark

  5. That’s a spanish clothes brand called KUKUXUMUSU… And this bull represent the San Fermin bulls race. These children try to emulate the adults in the race…

  6. Testicles are a feature of the male species. Why are our society so ashamed or embarrassed by it? It is just a part of the human and other beings body. I think it would be more strange to see a male without it.

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