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    1. It’s a python, a constrictor. And yes, they can grow to be HUGE! Like anacondas, they continue to grow until they die. I think this is definitely a parenting fail.

    1. There’s a video, somewhere, where a snake that looks just like that is on a bed and a kitten is playing on the bed. After about 10 mins of suspense, the snake fucks up the kitten. It got me erect. Snake vs Pussy.

    2. Fred how dare you? Kittens!? I mean cats and kittens are not even the same thing according to Artist here. Lighten up Artist. We aren’t feeding you to the damn snake ……… Yet!

    3. As far as I’m concerned, if a cat is old enough to play with snakes, it’s old enough to get bit.

  1. I want one of those, but inside a large habitat where we can see it only through glass. Last thing I need is my daughter asking where our dogs went.

  2. why is it a fail? im sure this snake is living with humans since it broken the egg and if parents trained their child well it cant be any problem. kids must learn.

    1. This is a fail because if, however unlikely, that snake decided to attack that child it would take at least 5-7 full grown adults to get it off. Even if one adult managed to run to the kitchen to get a knife and kill the snake the child may be dead already depending on where the python grabs her. These snakes can squeeze with 90lbs of pressure per square inch. I was attacked by a reticulated python that was only 12 feet in length and I thought my life was gone.

    2. well I never got attacked by a snake, but I did see every episode of When Animals Attack.

    1. I think Fred, that she means the child should be eaten by this snake to prove a valuable lesson to the parents.

  3. This was at a child’s birthday party under the close supervision of a trained professional. I saw the original forum where this photo came from.
    I don’t really think anyone would seriously just allow an un-domesticated snake of that size just mosey into their house…

  4. if the snake is well fed there will not be any problems. the snake looks fat and healthy and a fat, healthy well fed snake is not likely to attack in a feeding manner.

  5. People who own exotic pets like this ( snakes, ferrets, lizards….even birds) are a weird lot.
    I say let the kid get constricted to stop the family’s DNA from propagating.

  6. Now that kid won’t have to visit Washington D.C., he can see what a real politician looks like with no clothes on 😉

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