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  1. if a camera is placed in such position… it won’t remain any piece big enough to say it was a camera and not a wii controller that has been crushed and cooked to burnt copper flour

  2. the only thing that irritates me is that guy running away in front….jogging away pretty casually.

    1. That, and the fact that the is larger than the person running to the right even though the person jogging towards the camera is further away.

    1. clip was accelerated to keep viewers entertained although it didn’t work for Vic. realistically it should have taken an hour or so. still fast though.

  3. I know from experience that this kind of work and detail is at least somewhere between 2 and 5 hours straight. Definitely respect to the artist. Great work in getting all the little details worked in. How many people forget shadows, reflections or anyhting that make a real situation look the way it does. Except, yes, the guy in front, I’d use it as a poster for a movie if I made one… ;P

    1. Kit’s right, there’s this thing called “photo-shop”, or “photoshop”, it’s an image editing software. You can use it on things called “computers”, or “PCs”. Kit can tell you all about it, I’m sure. Good luck.

    2. course it’s shop you dumbfuck … it was a fucking tutorial of photoshop .. dang you didn’t pay attention to the whole vid … stupid people

    3. Kit you can’t be that dumb… well I take that back maybe you are. There is this thing called sarcasm, you should look it up. “the more you know”

  4. looks pretty crap if it was a pro that did this… and of coarse its fake…like anyone would be still standing there in the middle of the highway taking a photo of it with a bloody plane crashing towards you

    1. wait…so…6 minute video showing a guy making a pic in photoshop that’s labelled photoshop win…isn’t real?

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