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    1. Your all wrong it is indeed a mushroom… Vagass shroom very popular within the smurf village

    2. It’s in china the reporter is very sheltered and new she was mortified the next day when she found out what it was and that she touched it

  1. We had a bunch of guys look at it, and they were like “We’ve never seen anything like that!”

    1. i told you to hide it well you idiot !! now let me finish and hide this one well in Russia !! remember in Russia !!

  2. they wouldnt need sll the 19cm in there … in fact it must be a flashlight and when 3 men couldnt fill it they just dug the ground in shame and hid it !

  3. Grandpa: Shang-zun! What is this?!
    Shang-zun: Oh, Grandpa that’s just a…
    Grandpa: It’s a plant!
    Shang-zun: Yes…a plant…

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