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  1. Lame. Just someone stealing the idea that people have been doing with cases of soda for a long time now. I’d call this an “Originality Fail”.

    1. u r just mad cuz u will never achieve something that cool in UR WHOLE PATHETIC LIFE U SON OF A B

    2. that’s right. NEVER IN YOUR LIFE can you achieve this level of stacking of boxes while working at a shoe store. or at least until you watch the employee training video.

    3. You’re right. I can never accomplish stacking boxes so damn well because I am far too busy doing a lot more meaningful things. Anyone can stack boxes, but only a couple other people in the world can fix a bricked Wii by reprogramming the internal flash memory, and those couple other people learned it from me. Yeah, lets see joe shmoe box stacker do the type of things that I can do….. fat chance.

    4. Wow! Congratulations DeadlyFoez! You do stupid shit with the gayest of the game consoles! You win the coveted Douche award!

    5. Kelta.Rose, you are the type of cunt that should have your throat slit.
      It does not matter what any of you think of the wii because the fact of the matter is that I have accomplished far more than any of you ever will be able to do, and the fact that I have damn good proof that I am a well versed hacker is far more than what any of you are capable of doing.
      Go back to being in awe over some dumb jew stacking shoe boxes because that is such an accomplishment in life.

    6. Box stacking requires no skill. I agree with you in that sense. It also happens way too often for me to be impressed, if I was ever impressed at all.

    7. any idiot can hack a wii. it’s not that complicated. and there are thousands of detailed tutorials all over the internet for it, including fixing a bricked one. it’s not some amazing secret that “only a couple people in the whole world” can do and it sure doesn’t make you a “well versed hacker”.

    8. and the ability to get free Mario games sure isn’t much of a lifetime accomplishment either.

    9. Dude I build houses and move the earth thats a million times better than finger fucking a wii console… the wii was probably broken cuz someone threw it against a wall

    10. @RippyMcslams, Do you realize that I was the one that first wrote the brick fixing tutorial? I taught everyone else how to do it.
      Yes, Anyone can mod a Wii, but it takes skills to pioneer something in the hacking scene instead of just being a script kiddy.

    11. let’s pretend that what you say is even true. then your nobel prize is probably in the mail.

    12. What I say is true. Even fellowfailure has a point. You can even be a shitty construction worker without much of a brain and only using what you have learned from other people and you are still better than someone who can copy the concept of stacking boxes to look like age old 8 bit sprites.

      BTW, I can run an excavator, front end loader, do the mechanical repairs, move dirt, build houses, masturbate underwater, hack computers, hack networks, hack nearly anything put in front of me, and get accepted into MENSA. Hey and you know what, I learn it all on my own and do a better job than what the rest of you low life fools can do. Eat that shit, and talk what ever shit you want. The fact is, no matter what you say, I am still better and more intelligent than you all.

      Now, go back to your parents basement and do drugs while pregnant because it makes you all so cool.

    13. there’s another term that starts with an I that typically describes a person that comes to a website for 3 years despite apparently hating almost every single picture posted on it, but I’m too busy driving a tractor that I attached a hacked wii to, underwater, while masturbating, to think of it.

    14. Shit, it appears the only way to be “successful” is to be the most pompous cock sucking intellectual internet asshole… So, by that measure DeadlyFoez you definitely come in first! Again, congratulations on being #1!

      I’m truly happy for you. 😉

    15. LMFAO!!! This is what someone had to say about me…
      “DeadlyFoez-OMG! DeadlyFoez! This is such an honor! Can I have your autograph?”…
      Yeah, I am sure none of you other stupid fucks have EVER had that amount of respect. And that person is sincere about that. Hell, to all you fools, your own mother has seen your autograph enough and that is probably the only person who will love it. I am far more respected than any of you. Eat that shit and try to prove me wrong.
      Go ahead, try to prove me wrong with evidence.
      I am better than all of you, no doubt. Suck it bitches.

    16. Wow! DeadlyFoez! You’re so amazing! You must be related to 2lolo. He must be so proud of you for all your “achievements”. Don’t you want to thank your Momma and Uncle Daddy for making you the man you are today?

    17. and then what? did you sign then scan then email him a pdf? or did you mail it to them with flowers? please the suspense is killing me!

    18. Kelta.Rose, It’s not my fault that your uncle raped you. But, can you please spare your children and stop smoking drugs while pregnant? I know it must be hard being a dirty stanking ho and all, but it would be for the better good if you kept your legs closed.
      I’m sorry, I’m sure you feel that you are much better being a whore than a world wide known and respected hacker, but as always, you are just mislead because no one, not even your pedophile uncle, will ever love you… no matter what they say when they kiss you on your neck.

    19. You’re right DeadlyFoez, I will never be a “well respected hacker”… You must be getting a killer theoretical paycheck from the internet for being such a “success”. If we could all be theoretical millionaires just like you this would would be just swell!
      Again, it is such an honor to know you DeadlyFoez! Wont you tell us more about your “success”? And what do you spend your theoretical internet money on?

    20. One time my mom was trapped in a burning building and DeadlyFoez showed up (was actually wearing a cape too) with a hacked NES and he threw it through a window and my mom jumped out. True story.

      My mom was so grateful she gave him a reacharound (while butt-ploughing him, that is).

    21. Shit, maybe you’re right vic… I didn’t even consider his feelings! Everyone should leave him alone and let him cry and masturbate with his own tears in peace…

    22. jeez im so sorry DeadlyFoez I had no idea that you were well rounded in just about everything! Man I wish I had your autograph. But then again you have zero proof of any of the things you claim so now im unsure…..

    1. It was just a sandwich and a game of Pretty Pretty Princess 2lolo… No need to go throwing out the L word…

    2. Pretty Pretty Princess is good, but Hungry Hungry Hippos is better. And I do love sandwiches, I’m not scared to admit it.


    1. @mando burger- The only fail I see on this page is DeadlyFoez and all of his “achievements”… It looks like all his “success” has given him a swollen ego.

    2. I hope he has a retirement plan for when the wiiu comes out next year and suddenly his internet forum yes-men will be all “deadly who?”

    1. Ask DeadlyFoez. He probably started Anonymous ya know. He is the best and “most successful” hacker in the world. He teaches the rest of the world how it’s done!

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