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    1. Not even close! But I’ve been in the Army for 10 years so I’ve accumulated some savings.

    2. I have NEVER seen so much hate. this was the sweetest thing ever and most girl would kill to have that. Its a bunch of jealous guys hating on this because they arent creative enough to think of it or have a girl as pretty as her. Congratulations you two!

    1. What the hell did any of what he did for her have to do with being rich? He was clever and romantic. Girls love that. You will never be married. You suck at life.

    2. Trust me, we’re not rich. But this did take a decent amount of money to set up. Not as much as you think though. The real expense was in the gifts. But I could have gotten her a cheap phone, a cheap watch, and a crappy hotel room.

  1. How sweet. I wish every guy in the world would be this romantic. But we know that’s not true, don’t we 2lolo?


    2. You don’t find meeting a guy in the lingerie store creepy? That’s where they first met. What the heck is a guy doing in a store like that?

    3. Daniel they didn’t meet in a lingerie store they met in Aeropostale. That was just the underwear section of the store. You’re just hating on him because you know that every girl that watched this video instantly got jealous of that girl because there just aren’t romantic guys like this anymore.

    4. Thanks Mara, and Lucky is kind of right. We met at American Eagle Outfitters. I just did that in the lingerie section because it was private back there.

  2. this is the end of our civilization. this retarded nonsense is getting popular, more and more retards are filming this crap and put it on the internet to show how stupid and retarded they are. yes, with such stupid crap and people the end is near

    1. What is more telling about the failure of our society is idiots like you who are unable to muster enough brain cells to be romantic like this and the only thing you know about treating your future spouse special is cramming a dollar down her STD infested GString.

    2. Salamon!! Stop cramming dollar bills down top dog’s g-string and treat her right! You should take her hint more romantic: a twelve pack and some scratch-offs from the gas station, two hours at a hotel with a 5 gram rock to split with your love, a walk down the not-so-bad area of town, saying you’re sorry after slapping her around a bit. Shit like that.

    3. Right on Top Dog! I mainly recorded it Salamon so we’d always have that memory and be able to watch it over and over again. But it turned out so well I figured I’d put it online for others to share.

  3. wrong. take the time to do THIS stuff instead of bitching (twat) and everyone’s lives will be a little better. Here ends the lesson.

  4. MARA, Very True!!!! As you remember, I pick you up and took you, right to bed… But when I fingering you the smell was so bad… It took me one hour to wash my hand.. Just to get the small off… And I lost my hard-on!! But you was a trooper and suck my cock and swallow ever drop…

  5. Getting married at 21 is a very bad idea. This will inevitably end in either divorce or her cheating on him (or both) because let’s admit it, she’s 21 and doesn’t know what she wants. But she will eventually want to bang other dudes, I promise you that much.

    1. He’s totally right…I just graduated, I have no Bf and Im living a happy normal life of a teenage girl..

    2. Courtney is very mature though, not like most 21 year olds. I’m actually 33, but act young. So we have a average age around 27, just right for getting married! 🙂

  6. Gayest and most retarded thing I have ever seen this past week.. he could of easily bring her to an expensive restaurant and ask her there…I bet she figured it out from the beginning..this is way to typical American and in 1-2 yrs they will divorce anyway.. she has it all written on her forehead…not the type of girl to settle down just yet

    1. What’s special about taking a girl to an expensive restaurant? That’s so cliche! And she thought about me proposing as it went along, but didn’t know for sure since I painted it as her b-day gift.

  7. Why in the world would any man want to get married in this day and age. He’s basically saying here is a guaranty to half or more of my stuff for the possibility that she may decide to keep giving it up.

    1. Now that’s a video I’d like to see! If I had to do a video like that, I’d probably put some booby traps in though!

  8. Dude needs to learn how to edit videos. Yellow colored text? Really? Also, the cards were only flashed across the screen, you’d think that they’d be given more than a second of screen time seeing as how they were pretty important.
    By pausing and reading the cards, you can see that she slept with him on the first date. lololololol.

    1. Sorry, it’s the first time I edited a video. And I used the gold text because using white text made it unreadable on some of the brighter scenes.

    1. I thought it was weird when I saw cross creek mall. Ive been living in Fayetteville for most of my childhood and im in Wilmington right now. But theres no doubt that this guy is in the army. Fayettnam wouldnt be populated if it weren’t for fort bragg.

  9. honestly I fastforwarded this whole stupid thing. I seriously hate proposal videos, I hate these attention whores making such a big deal about asking the “big” question. I hate when idiot boyfriends think they’re clever and do some stupid scavenger hunt bullshit, fuck you and your proposal. She’ll be cheating on you with your black friend in 6 months you pussy.

    1. Lol. Someone didn’t get the proposal they’d hoped for/got denied/is FOREVER ALONE. quit being a sour bitch.

  10. All the time and effort you had to put into romance will go bye bye when she gets fat from popping out a couple of crying brats.

  11. Pretty boring to be honest. Bad choice of song and her tits are hanging down at 21. That dude is probably desperate.

  12. At least the guy put thought into it. I’ll give him an A+ for effort. But if I were to play the devil’s advocate – I’d say he probably put more effort into it than the guy who was dippin that before him! LOL

    1. So, a couple of crossword puzzles, a rubics cube, and I get to gnaw on your mudflaps? Fantastic! I knew there was a reason why I kept getting a boner from reading your comments! You little minx, you!

  13. When I see stuff like this I laugh. Where are the Women proposing to Men in such an elaborate fashion. Come on girls belly up to the bar for a change .

  14. Of course this is a fail- from the looks of it, they missed the geocache that is under the walkway going into that gazebo!
    Its a tough one too, you have to crawl all the way up under it.

    1. That is my proposal video, and I guess you failed to look at the cache page and realize we placed that cache immediately after he proposed 😉 fail.

    2. The one that was there SPF3000 has been archived by Fraygirls so we could place a cache there. 🙂

  15. 3:57 “Our you ready for…” How do you plan all this out and still manage to fuck up grammar in the text?

  16. I want to see nasty devorce video. You know the one where she takes all his shit.

    No worries…the dumb ass deserves It.:D

  17. A girl that pretty needs things like this on a regular basis or she loses interest. Good luck with your high maintenance piece of hot tail, brotha!

  18. Congratz Adam. Hooked urself a major hottie. You post on epic fail tho… this is like the soup kitchen for trolls.

    1. Just cause you got knocked up and your tits got all saggy doesn’t mean you should take it out on the rest of us.

    2. No. I’ve told you, she’s a babe and thinks she’s too hot to do the fucking dishes. That’s why she’s way too high-maintenance for a player like me. Yeah, I’d do her, but…she couldn’t hang with me. I’d hurt her.

  19. First, I want to say congratulations and very very clever. Though I’m not at the age of marriage I’m always trying to come up with clever ways to propose, just because I can.
    Second, could the majority of the not-so-clever guys NOT comment? Your “waste of time” and “should have just taken her to a restaurant” is insulting.
    Dear sir, this is a win. May the force be with you.

  20. Congrats Adam! A really great way for getting engaged. I’d love to prepare a similar gymkana to my boyfriend someday ^^.

  21. So you get to see up her skirt a few times. Almost worth the time to watch for that. Also anyone else catch that they went back to her place after their first date. I wouldn’t marry such a slut Adam.

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