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  1. How is that a fail? – Clear win in my book. Geez, of course it’s a mop and not a broom but who fuckin cares anyway?

    1. In my opinion, yes. It’s a fucking fad that is already becoming old hat. Sell your stock while you can still get something for it.

    2. I don’t have no Facebook or stocks. The only website I come to that’s to socialize it’s this crappy one. Facebook it’s a life sucker. If I had a Facebook page I probably wouldn’t have the social life that I do now

  2. MARA, Love how you did your hair… Now please do something with your FISH SMELLING CUNT!!!
    But you do give the best Blow-Job in Town…

    1. I agree–I had some pretty good ones that they didn’t use. I’m kinda surprised they put this one up.

      Oh, was that supposed to be an insult? Considering you don’t know me I don’t see how and seeing as you’re not contributing anything to the site but your troll presence you should be glad for every “boring” post that allows you a place to momentarily shine.

    2. I’m sorry if I offended you with my statement of the obvious. Try not to let it ruin your night.

    3. Are you kidding me? The 2lolo troll is fucking brilliant! He and a few select others make this site worth coming to, not the retarded “fails” they have been putting up lately, definitely including the one up there.

      If you had put any of Skrillix ‘music’ up there, then it would have been a fail.

    4. I agree with Kelta- I’ve been more interested in your guys comments than the pictures lately, which have been kinda weak lately.

    5. Nice to see he has so much support here. I really don’t read any of his crap since it’s usually juvenile. I’m sure he’s reassured now. I hope my response of the obvious didn’t ruined your night either.

    6. But you took the time to read it anyway, and reply, so no your statement of the obvious (which I guess was that you posted the lame pic) ‘didn’t ruined’ my night…

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