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  1. Everything that’s got the word dick written on it Or is shaped like one ends up on this site. I mean dicks are not that funny after all. They’re pleasurable but they’re not funny. I don’t see a dick and laugh at it. Well maybe if it’s really small like the Chinese dude from hangover, that one I laughed at. Now I’m sitting here and writing about dicks.

    1. @MARA, BELIEVED ME!!!! You BAD SMELLING PUSSY is not a Laughing matter… Please do something about it!!!!!

    2. Mara, tonight in my dreams, I’m gonna cornhole, pinch your nipples and perform a reach-around that will leave us both panting like dogs and lying in a pool of our own sweat and semen.

  2. I think the funny part is how the sign is pointing up at the walkway, where people are walking… like it’s calling them dicks.

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