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  1. Looks like a dude with three fat older women who still think they’re teenagers and have to drink that yankee swill.

  2. oh jesus christ, really? This is SUCH THE EPIC FAIL! big deal, a little kid is in a picture with 4 grown ass adults and a bottle of jack. holy fuck this site is getting bad.

  3. Somebody needs to tell that nasty, fat, old lut in the middleto cover up her FUCKING STRETCH MARKS!!! Damn, that’s fuckin’ nasty!!!

  4. empty cheap jack daniels bottle that’s the fail… and i bet she bought it with your tax money… fucking dumb bitch just be a stripper or a whore or sell icees..

  5. The fail here is the text the guy is pointing at which says Botulinum Toxin Type A, more commonly known as Botox. The question is why the hell anyone would wear a shirt with Botox written on it? Is she trying to tell people “I’m not fat and bloated, I use Botox!”?

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