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  1. I would have stayed right there when the “property owner” threatened to have him removed. Theres no law in the US of A that says you cant use a shake weight in a public place =P

  2. That’s just fucking retarded. I wish all you fuckwits would hurry up and get this Shake Weight shit out of your system. Shake Weights were funny for about 5 minutes and then it was old. There is nothing new here with this stupid shit. Let’s, please, come up with something abit more original.

    1. He’s right, Fred. The video is 2:45, I timed it myself. But to be fair, none of it was funny.

  3. I’m pretty sure he can still get arrested for creating a scene in public and making lude gestures. The cops are idiots and need to read their hand book.

    1. to be sure there is no misunderstanding one should keep it at least 8 inches above the crotch… (that way the: “oh, a perv masturbating in public” becomes “let’s go get his number”) LOL

    2. Whose concerned with the law when he’ll probably be beaten with his own shake weight by a gang of redneck homophobes.

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