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    1. speaking of drugs how you know he’s not coming out of the water as a new form of drug traficing?

    2. They don’t do that anymore. They’ve got a pneumatic tube offshore that feeds into a beach house. More advanced than the banks’ drive-thru.

  1. @FRED, please stop calling yourself a FUCK-UP…
    FRED your Not a FUCK-UP!!!!!! Just a man who love being fuck by other man……..

  2. I can see what this guy was trying to achieve. He just wanted his tribal wave to fit in properly, like camouflage

  3. Thats not just an RV. They are called Toy Haulers.. they backed up and rode there WAVERUNNERS right out the back. Go out and have some fun and maybe you lames would know what your talkin about instead of makin fun of people all the time

  4. Its probably at pismo beach there’s a place u have to drive through water to get through although looks like this guy didn’t quite make it. yt it and you will see.

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