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  1. This is so stupid. Anyone can do shit like this and post it on Epic Fail. This site isn’t even about real fails anymore.

    1. probably because someone decided to submit it here after seeing it there. Anyone can submit fails and as this site isn’t tosh.o related I fail to see the problem.

    1. I know what Dubstep is, it is the sound of a fax machine shagging a washing machine! Made by people without an ounce of musical talent. Maybe if they picked up a guitar or a set of drumsticks, thay would appreciate what it is to be a MUSICIAN!!!

  2. Hating dubstep is almost as dumb as liking it. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t exist. None of this is real…

  3. PS: And it also sounded remarkably akin to Skrillex’ brand-new track “Sympathetic Vacuum Cleaners And Hostile Refrigerators”

  4. What is dubstep? I’ve heard some people talking about it but I’ve probably never heard it. It is some another shitty kind of techno, right? Then it is not music.

    1. It evolved from the Uk garage / grime scene. Then the US got a hold of it and transmogrified it into brostep. And as with all styles of music, commercialisation came at a price… credibility. Now it’s cool to hate Skrillex et all. Which is a shame as some (defo not all!) of it is pretty hot.

  5. its true all that stupid “music” is background noises from a variety of music out there put together in the foreground to create this “musical” abomination. simply retarded.

  6. This shit is funny as hell, I like dubstep and still find the hilariousness in this vid.. and to be honest, I think dubstep was made from them just replaying the noise from when transformers transform.. wub wub wub wub, autobots roll out

  7. FAIL…funny impression but is he recording this while also driving?…at least hes wearing a seat belt…

  8. You people getting all hurt by this video are quite pathetic.
    I agree, yet like some Dubstep.
    Certainly not Skrillex though.
    But, I do however agree because of how many of you fuckers try to make your own, but mess it all up horribly.
    And yes.
    He does sound a lot like quite a bit of the stuff I find.
    But truly, Grow up, Guys.

  9. freeeeekin awsome !! its zombie suckin clown ass hats that don’t ” get” it : if you love/hate or dont care about dub , this is still a great comedic impression . guess what . too many people fukced and produced . now we have this . music and the critic . amen .

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