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    1. You know 2lolo, you don’t HAVE to be that lonely boy on the left. They say, “there is someone for everyone”. Of course they just SAY that, its not actually true. Please don’t kill yourself, loneliness can be good thing.

    2. Yeah, they say there’s someone for everyone, what they fail to mention is that sometimes he’s a friend of your dad’s, and that he rapes you.

    3. I’ll have to look into that one, but I’m not sure that a rapist-friend of your father’s counts as a “someone”. Maybe, idk, is this friend covered in brown fur, has big black eyes and walks with a confident and determined gait?

  1. The guy in the back seems to be the only one not afraid to ram his cock tightly between the cheeks of his girl’s ass. Come on guys, girls really don’t mind that shit. She may feign the appearance of it pissing her off, but note the little smirk on her face as she does it.

    1. beakt: I know that girl your taking about and although replying to this comment may seem funny, making fun of someones appearance isn’t. Shes a really nice girl, i may not talk to her anymore but i still think that’s really rude. please let me know when you look absolutely perfect. thanks

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