Epic Back Tattoo Fail


People Fail

Submitted by Anon

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    1. Lmao yeah I saw those! Along with his self defense videos. So if giant vaginas ever come his way ( which I highly doubt) he will know how to defend himself.

    2. Well, because those are women’s self defense videos, and 2lolo has also favorited those birthing videos, I’m thinking that 2lolo is, actually, a 65 year old woman. A deeply disturbed 65 year old woman.

    3. Giant Vaginas are the #1 killer among women 65 and older. I read that in a Highlights magazine at the dentist office.

    4. Well, I’d like to have one big enough to use as a sleeping bag. I think I would go camping every night. Just as long as my feet could touch the cervix, that is.

  1. I didn’t think there could be a less classy tattoo than the chick on here with the huge dick on her. I was wrong.

  2. @FRED, Yes I love a woman VAGINA…. I fuck it, lick it make love to woman vagina….. But I Never let any man fuck my ass like you….

    1. Probably to clarify that she means vagina, not cat. Although the illustration makes that largely redundant, she certainly wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a cat-eater.

  3. Her tat should say ” I eats everything in sight”, though it would still be grammatically incorrect and the image would still make me want to pluck out my eyeballs with a rusty spoon. Seriously, besides the gigantic dripping vagina, the creepiest thing about this is the wrinkly hands prying it open. Will. Have. Nightmares.

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