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    1. It would take me a lot longer to eat half of that in three days but I get what you’re saying. Needless to say, someone with grammar as bad as yours should know a thing or two about being forever alone. The world is full of gluttonous idiots like yourself but that doesn’t mean we find them to be attractive. You failed at a troll and managed to tie it in with an unoriginal phrase. Nice try ,Yomama, now go finish your summer reading.

    2. Eating it would be a total letdown anyway, since there’d be no way to get an actual bite of chocolate + wafers in the same bite. This is pointless and ridiculous, and since we’re talking about “forever alone”- if I served this to my girlfriend she would be pissed and probably go to the store and buy an actual goddamn Kit Kat bar to replace the huge pile of shit I made.

    3. you could take it to a weight loss place or fat camp or something and throw it in and cause a fat riot.

    4. And fuckwits come on here and tell us to “Get a life”. I’d rather spend my time aggravating the fuck out of all of you than to fuck around making some shit like this. Seems more like a worthwhile endeavor in my opinion.

  1. this is why people should not mix speed and mary J. It’d have been easier to have melted 4 kitkat chunkys together to form a simple giant kitkat !

  2. Ximenez, 2lolo, here are your trolling assessment results:

    0/10. Must Try Hard^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HFucking Rubbish



    1. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I deserved at least a 6 for my trolling skills. Choobs, on the other hand, you need more work. Keep trying though.

    2. I’d say I’m a pretty good troll. Besides, what the fuck does H^H^H^H^H^H^ mean? What a dumbass.

    3. OK, I’ll step up my game. But Choobs, if you really loved us you’d give us specific pointers. All “rubbish” accomplishes is to tell us that you probably have bad teeth and watch a lot of futbol.

  3. Please Read. XIMENEZ Comment…… FRED you know it’s a lie….. It’s take’s you only 15 min. to eat XIMENEZ ass-o and half hour for you 2 to do 69..

  4. I’d’make it for a party or a something.That would be awesome to have that sitting on the table, surrounded by mini kit-kats.

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