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    1. you cant type “first” before “nice collections of dildos!”… guess fat kids cant type fast ether

    1. If this was really Kelta.Rose’s dildos then we would find one shaped like a fist and another one shaped like a horse penis. And plus, I don’t see them encrusted with puss and crabs so they can not be that little dirty cunt’s dildos.
      They must be Jerry Sandusky’s dildos.

    2. I hate to say it but DeadlyFuckup is right, this isn’t my work, I much prefer bologna on the paint on a hot day or bleaching the grass on the front lawn. This is a sad waste of perfectly good dildos.

  1. how much do dildos cost anyway? seems like a rather expensive “prank”. funny, but expensive.

    I did something similar to a friend’s car once, but just cut out all the dicks from a porn mag and taped them on there. much cheaper.

    1. it wasn’t even mine either. who the hell buys porn magazines anymore with the internet?

    2. also a helpful hint. it’s good to put a bunch of smaller stuff all towards the front of the car, because then you can put the worst thing hanging from the rear license plate where they don’t see it, but everyone driving behind them will.

  2. i was just thinking the same thing… dildos (decent ones) run about $50+ and ones with special things cost more… so they just wasted a bunch of money… or this is fake. not sure.

    1. it’s obvious the dildos belong to the woman who owns the car and was caught cheating by her husband. She’s getting tossed and so is her collection.

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