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  1. Jesus fucking nagger christ monkey balls!!! Why the fuck would someone waste 11 hours doing that? For what fucking purpose? Maybe this fucking idiot could put all of his effort into something that benefited the fucking community like getting a fucking job. A guy with this much talent should do something good with it, not fucking draw with chalk that will get washed away next time it rains or the neighborhood niglet pisses on the sidewalk. What a fucking waste.

    And now this gets me to think. What about all those other fucking 3d art bullshit? If they are not faked, how much fucking time are those idiots spending on them? Do they get permits to take up the public walking space and stop people from roaming over their shitty art? Seriously, what the nagger fuck?!?!? Get a job sparkly wiggles.

    1. Some might say your life is a waste of time too, it’s a matter of perspective. For instance, you enjoy playing video games and judging people. That’s your thing, bless your heart. Seems like a colossal waste of time to me, but hey, whatever makes you happy. I staple my ballsack to found items, that’s my thing. It’s not for everybody, but it keeps me out of trouble and my mom’s proud of me.

    2. Wow DeadlyCocksucker! That was quite a rant of ignorant deification that you spewed out on the internet like racist, judgmental lowlife that has nothing better to do than hack into other peoples devices and play wii with Team Your Mom. You ever stop to think that being an artist IS a job? Because I known some very well off artists who don’t go to an office everyday and have a “job” other than to create art.
      The only waste on this page is you. You’re a waste of space and people like you are the reason society has crumbled. This world is going to shit because of unsophisticated mindless morons like you and Team Your Mom.

    1. Great art should not take up public space and should last longer than the next time it rains. This is far from great art.

  2. @deadlyfoez, you must be a real talentless, boring, dull, person. It’s called Art; learn to appreciate it and maybe you will not be such an angry person in life.

    1. Remember when you could reach around your stomach and finger your vagina while you watched your birthing videos?


    1. Na I was there near 16th st. I was loaded piss ass drunk and sorta pissed all over it. Then it was just an 8 color/bit blur, kinda like an acid trip.

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