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    1. They appear to be those people that like to kick you when you’re down. I suspect they were ex-wives in disguise.

    2. I’m not sure they’ve cut off his dick yet. But, rest assured, that’s on their to-do list.

    1. @FRED. Do Your Remember Talking to The Doctor about making yyou PENIS in two a VAGINA???? YOU take you pants OFF too show Doctor and He JUMPED back AGINSED THE WALL!!!! THEN he started TALKING BOUT CUTTING OFF YOU wee-wee CAUSE IT TWO BIG!!!! TO BIG FOR A MAKE VAGINA???? HUH???? YOUR REMEMBER???? YOU FUCKIN’ REMEMBER????!!!!! huh?

  1. That is NOT a Paramedic or EMT, that is likely a X games staff member. Medics/emts would not have touched the bike as it wasn’t in the way of treating the patient. EMS folks are underpaid, unappreciated, and get little recognition for the life-saving work they do. Love this website, but please remove the Paramedic tag on it. It isn’t accurate and an insult to EMS folks.

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