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  1. Couldn’t she have showed just a TAD more – yeah, that’s right_ A tad, not a tat… tat’s are pretty boring actually…

    1. You can’t say that, it’s polite and reasonable. Polite and reasonable sind verboten. Where was your sexism and homophobia?

  2. the question is, will this even last? Normally these tattoos look crazy cool, then they start fading or looking like shit..
    any research on this?
    by the way, i think her/his (hir) tit may have been only partial, i have never seen a tit like that needing a bra before. Maybe she/he was wearing a bro/mansier?

  3. IT`S JUST A NICE TATOO. the picture is old as fuck, and the tatoo didn`t win anything..except maybe a place on this fuckin site

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