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  1. First to kick all the haters in the nuts!!! First to get blown by all the haters. All haters can lick my butthole!!

    1. A woman brought you into this world so you have no right to disrespect one even if its only a female lion…. without females male animals wouldn’t even be born…same goes with humans, without a woman you would have never existed… 😐

    2. @ Red

      And without a male lion, female lions couldnt get pregnant and bare children, the same applies to humans. Dont give me that artificial insemenation shit either, the batter for that still comes from a guys nuts. Women can bring people into the world, but without men that objective is fucked.

  2. First he knocked her up, then he knocked her out! And if she’s pregnant with a male lion in her tummy, I’ll be listening to the Lion King song He Lives In You.

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