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    1. I think you have an extra GOTO line in your programming, 2lolo. You seem to be stuck in a loop.

    2. its:
      One time, at band camp, I gou butt-fucked by every guy in the whole band!!!

      Geez, what is wrong with you? If you’re going to say something stupid, atleast spell it right.

    3. actually, if you’re gonna correct him, you might as well get it right yourself. every guy in the whole band would be redundant, it should be either every guy int the band or the whole band… who da f u c k cares anyway?

    4. JP, he’s just upset that it wasn’t HIM receiving the ass-pummeling. That he calls himself “book_hoarder1169” belies the fact that he’s at the very least a nerd and, quite possibly, a gay nerd with butt-sex envy.

    1. BLAH Im gonna throw up…………and that’s why I’m not going to watch this shit. thanx for warning me , dude.

    1. Yeah, this guy is a French icon. Check out his youtube channel, his name is Remi Gaillard.

    1. Ok then, the statue of liberty, Or! maybe the great wall of china, damn that would be an ugly pussy

  1. The guy in the video is named Remi Gaillard. You can watch his videos on youtube instead of here : better quality and you give ad money to Remi instead of epicfail who basically just steal content.

    Cheers from a french !

  2. Our local sheriff asked me once, about a week after our state passed a conceal carry permit law, how come I hadn’t been in to get one, considering my 2nd Amendment love affair.
    Had this video been available, I would have shown it to him.
    People that do crap like this need to be put down.

    1. Your story is lame and you are a cop-ass kissin faggott! Tell Your Bitch-Ass “Local Sheriff” to suck a fat dick you goatmouth coward.

    2. what will we do now that the streets have one less trigger happy nut willing to murder someone over the slightest provocation?

  3. When they didn’t vandalize or hurt other people, those were the best parts. Aside from that, they can all go to hell.

  4. Je vien du Québec, et les polices Française (ou Belge je sais pas trop d’ou les gars sont ) on la mèche courte sur un asti de temps.

  5. C’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui…
    Check out the guy’s website :

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