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    1. That’s a really offensive remark for you to make. The politically correct term is “Nigga Schools” or SKOO for short.

  1. POOR, POOR FRED!!!!!! All alone again….. Can anyone give FRED some love????? ANYONE!!!!! How about a Finger or 2?????? A LEG?????? XIMENEZ, How about it??? Shove your head up FRED But-Hole once more??? I’ll pay FRED the $5.00

    1. WELL????

      He likes to take his time copying and pasting… Or he’s trying to eat the paste again…

    2. You poor thing, no one really gets you here… Lets go to the zoo and you can play with the monkeys who couldn’t hold on as babies… They get you just fine…

    3. to much butt fucking, wait what am i saying, that’s like girls having to many shoes

    4. Monkeys have butt sex sometimes. And they throw poo at each other. Once in a while, they’ll rip each other’s genitals off. I think I’d fit right in.

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