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    1. The facial expression on the dude in blue is like aaahhhhh, aaaaahhhhhh, yeeeeeaahhhhhh.

  1. Football players(the real ones who use their feet on the ball), needs to stop watching American Football, there’s not supposed to be that much manly contact in real football.

    1. There’s not much manly ANYTHING in “real football”. Soccer is mostly a girl’s sport in America. That and Volleyball. We leave the REAL SPORTS for the men.

    2. exactly. and why is it called football (the american version) aniway? they barely use their feet in the game…

    1. I now know you’re Columbian. I saw your donkey video with you and your family. That was a fairly good donkey costume you have there. Had to look hard to see that the donkey was you.

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