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  1. This needs to stop. 2lolo and fred trolling about can at times be as entertaining as the fail itself. If you want to out-troll them, please be original and not some copy-pasting, dimwitted fool that equals Clippy in entertainment value.

    1. I think if you a 9/10, you’r more likely to attract a cheating girl. If you’r a 2, she is defiantly into you.

      Btw, can’t herpes be cured? And no, I do not want to google it, I still have severe mental scars after what happened to google ads on every bloody page I visited after I googeled 2lolo.

    2. Well, if you can’t cure it, what do you mean by treating it? I mean, doesn’t it come and go about once a month? I don’t understand it. Isn’t it like fever blisters on your genitals? I heard someone say that if you had a fever blister on your lip, then you had herpes. And I guess that is a form of herpes, but not the same as the STD? I don’t know. Someone in the know should enlighten us dumbasses.

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