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  1. you can’t really explain this one, if you don’t get you just miss out, but if you do IT’S HILARIOUS! lol

    1. You do realize that “cool as a cucumber” has been around since before the Beastie Boys were born. Before dildos, which I’ve always suspected that it was a woman that came up with that saying. I mean, surely, a woman should know how cool a cucumber is, right? But then, it could have been a gay man. So, I don’t know. Screw it.

    2. This Hughesnet satelite opens up around midnight, and as of late, I’ve been up until that time talking with a few friends. I’m more of a napper.
      What’s your excuse? I noticed that you’re the same.

    3. Damn! My comments are not showing up and when I retype and submit I get that Duplicate Comment crap.
      Anyways, what do you do?

  2. Im guessing dudes dad was baked. Only a stoner would stare off into oblivion and realize what they just insinuated. lmao too funny.

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