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    1. Well, I’ve been contemplating the situation and I’ve come to a conclusion. The answer is another one of those shitty “sensors” that only the dealer can get when it goes bad and charge an extortionary price for. But what it does is sense that a nozzle is in your tank and not let you crank the car. Another case of “one bad apple”. We all will, eventually, have to pay the price of our giggles.

    2. oh I couldn’t care less about damaged gas pumps. I’m just tired of seeing this exact same picture posted over and over again just with a different car each time.

    3. Well, I agree, Ripply. Fuck pumps. But I’ve just get heartburn over every little thing wrong with my car involves a stupid sensor and I can’t get one without paying extortionary prices. And I know in the future I’m gonna try to crank my car and it won’t start. So I’m gonna have to go through all the fuses and all the normal shit before I have to have it towed in to get a fucking “sensor” replaced. And it’s all due to these fuckwits that can’t remember to take the fucking nozzle out at the pumps.

    4. the sensor should be for the gas caps presence as there is already a law making it illegal to drive without a gas cap

      on a side note all you have to do is figure out the resistance of the sensor and bypass it using the appropriate chain of resistors (they cost less then $1USD) i used this to bypass the BAPS security keys on my camaro.

    5. I need to learn how to do stuff like that. I’m such an ape when it comes to technology. On a side note, I lost my gas cap once and the neighbor kid was nice enough to put handfuls of dirt into my gas tank for me.

    6. Hehe! How cute. Kids are sweet, aren’t they?
      Well, me is right. That should do it. But all these sensors are more for extorting money out the consumer and I’ll stand by that.

    7. there are a few ways to find the resistance 1)look it up online internet is full of hardware hackers 2)you need a working sensor to measure the resistence of it(you could potentialy find your car in a junkyard and measure the resistence on that one 3)look in up in the maintence and repair book availible at any auto parts store they sometimes list the resistence in there for testing purposes

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