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    1. Apparently not. Why should you stay in school and learn when you can be a successful, yet, fucked up tattoo “artist”.

    2. True… But there are some very intelligent tattoo artist as well, my guy and I have pretty in depth intellectual conversations while he’s doing my ink…
      But some are complete fuckwits who are uneducated meth heads.

    3. Well, no doubt there are some smart ones, and I guess it’s good the smart ones don’t make it here…as fails.

    4. Why yes, I write to Fred quite often, though I don’t think I’d trust him to do my tats…

    1. I prefer the Urban Dictionary…who need correct grammar when people replace words with letters and numbers. U don’t need a dictionary. U jus hafta B creative and don’t think about what you are saying B4 you type it, much less tattoo it on your skin forever.

    2. I feel sorry for kids having to grow up with this horrible grammar. Pretty soon the dictionary will even be fucked up.

  1. this person obviously doesn’t know their own pant size. At least wear a damn belt. That’s why your crack shows when you bend over :/

  2. Just add a comma before you’re and boom perfectly good sentence it would then mean “live, You are life” which sounds just as good to me

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