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  1. Yeah, fake, cause we all know girls type IN ALL CAPS WHEN THEY ARE MAD AT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACTUALLY THEY TALK IN ALL CAPS TOO!

    1. …. So then that night you and me had that one nightstand was so you could have a smurfing kid? 2lolo I thought we had something, other than the way we both love to see your fleshy rose

    2. The donkey was a ONE TIME THING, Fred!!! Besides, I got it for YOU and all you did was feed it Beefaroni & tequila shots. My mom’s minivan will never be the same, and I’m PERMANENTLY BANNED from donkey rentals.

    3. I’m sorry about all that, 2lolo. I didn’t realize it meant so much to you until I saw your childhood home movie:
      daftporn (dot) com/?p=play&Id=1229

    4. Somehow I don’t think you’ve ever had sex with anything or anyone. Maybe your hand but that’s it. You are a giant turd floating in a porta potty toilet surrounded by flies that shit on you. It’s really scary that people like you are the future of this world, really fucking scary. You’ll end up in prison or dead, which is fine with me. By the way, I don’t fuck animals you sack of shit, I take care of them. You really need to think about your life, I’m sure your parents would be horrified by your behavior on these comment pages. I’m sure you have no friends so you have nothing better to except come here and share your pathetic comments. Go away! Nobody wants you here.

    5. I’m not sure how to respond to that heartfelt, emotional outpouring. It sort of reads like a suicide letter. Well, what can I say, I’m touched. It feels good to know I’ve deeply affected someone. Most of you guys just ignore or make fun of me, but here’s just ONE guy who is truly moved by my commentary. And that means a lot to me. If I can reach out to just one person, that makes all this worth while. Thanks for your comments, Animal Fucker. All the best to you.

    6. Hahaha. 2lolo got burned!!!!! Good one animal lover. I’m with ya, I wish he would just disappear.

    7. Animal lover don’t waste the energy typing to 2lolo it is like trying to talk to a brick wall or in a term 2lolo would understand trying to get a corpse aroused…. BTW guess who else loves animals? Smurfs, change your name to Mama smurf and join the village

  2. I’m a girl, fruitcake! You haven’t “touched me”, if you had, I’m sure the flies would be all around me. The thought of fornication with an animal is disgusting. I shouldn’t expect anything better than that from you, though. Still, I would love to meet up, my rottie has a thing for turds, as all dogs do. Let me come over? I’ll bring my dog over and you won’t have your arms, legs, or your hands to fap with. I’ll order him to leave your itty bitty weenie so you can still rub up against your mom’s panty hose hanging in the bathroom, that’s a promise!

    1. By the way, I didn’t say anything about touching you, why don’t you actually read my comment bro, I said I was touched, not you.

    2. Holy fucktard animal fucker! Chill out and take some Xanax or smoke some pot or something… Everyone (even the best of us) get made fun of. We have nothing better to do than fuck with each other. If you want to stick around you have to learn to take the insults in stride…

    3. Nah let her keep it, it might make it more interesting. Will she give you pleasure or pain? No1 knows but her

  3. Wow, wtf is wrong with this animal loving chick. cool out and spread the peanut butter liberally over your gash box. I drive a Toyota, respect me.

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