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    1. How is it offensive? I’ve had to pick cotton as a kid. Am I supposed to get offended? It’s just an odd seeming mascot to someone that can’t associate cotton with anything other than slavery.
      Probably in Mississippi where there is still a lot of cotton grown. It’s probably a black school and they most likely chose the name.

    2. Now if this was an all girl school, then they and their mothers would, no doubt, be offended and have the name changed. They would think it refers to tampons or something.

    1. Okay. You’re walkin’ on thin ice. I’ve already told animalhumper where you live. She’s on her way to your house right now. Probably throw a pissed off cat on you or something.

    2. Damn, I would love to see that shit, that’s better then 2lolo sitting on that dick bench

  1. HAHA 1. this is the funniest thing i have seen all year. 2. fred needs to stop being such a debbie downing negative nancy and get the sand out of his vagina.
    this stuff is super funny.

  2. So when John Deere produces thousands of cotton harvesters a year and are driven by local black farmers it’s also racist?
    Epic Fail…you hire too many liberal college kids.

    1. My point exactly. No one gets out in the field with a sack and picks cotton. That shit went out 50 years ago.

  3. FRED, Your old High School,,, Remember you was the school Mascot…… A Big Ball of Cotton….. In the locker room the team bang your Boy hole as you suck on “WhatTheFail” Little Cock…..

  4. There are plenty of NON BLACK people who till this day pick cotton. The problem stems from idiotic sensitive people acting like they actually went through slavery.

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