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  1. you can tell by the way it’s distorted someone else photoshopped it just to put it on here as a fail *facepalm*

    1. Chubby by the way the rest of her looks she won’t be happy till she weights less then when she was born

    1. guys that’s not really photoshopped to make her look skinny someone else distorted that to make it look like that just to put it on this site -_-

  2. dont these stupid girls know that anyone who sees this and then sees her in person is gonna know shes a dumb ass liar????

    1. I wonder if she has ever snagged him with those gaps between her teeth….. Cuzco that really hurts from a smurfs point of view

  3. this was the last time these 2 were seen before being sucked into a wormhole and being transported accross the universe. These vortexes have been appearing alot lately I don’t think humanity has much time left before we all get sucked through.

  4. first this is the fake tan fake hair gap tooth photoshoping idiot girl but then there is the fake tan tight shirt backwards hat wearing douche next to her this isnt just a photoshop fail it is a multi epic fail!

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