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    1. FRED, I’m still searching for your Birthing Video???
      When you came out of your MOTHER ASS-O.. She told me all about you POPING put…….

    2. You seem to be able to speak to her quite alot. Let’s have a seance. I’d like to ask her a few questions myself. Like what the fuck she did with all my old Hustler magazines. The old ones were the best.

    1. So I need to hide better I guess, yes Fred, you heard right, i’m after your dick, 2lolo thinks mine is small so I will just chop yours right off

  1. Yeah, I always txt that to somebody too. Just so I don’t look like some guy who doesn’t give two fucks about my safety nor yours!!!!

  2. Looks eerily like the OJ Chimpson—-Nicole Simpson- Ron Goldman crime scene sans the copious amounts of blood and gore.

    1. But I thought you were poor and using the public library’s computer like the rest of the chimpsons

  3. PAPA SMURF, What The Hell are you doing… WHACKING-OFF with the pictures of BBandBRACELTES Eating WhatTheFail ASS as WhatTheFAIL Fuck FRED????

    1. You bet your gay ass I am, now I have a problem….. 2lolo what do you do when the hole you drilled in the men’s stall gets too small?

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