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    1. wtf fred really. i dont have a fucking dildo. And for that last time his name is Gsrrett

    2. So, the dildo which you don’t have is named Gsrrett, and you pronounce it Ferret, right? But you are he, and he is you, and you are still together? I’m confused. Coo-coo cachoo.

    3. BTW, 2lolo, I think you’ve got me hooked on those birthing videos. I’ve bated to three already this morning. Those things are pretty hot.

    4. You never had any respect for me, or you would’ve sent me those dirty panties I asked for.

    5. I never keep dirty panties. You and 2lolo are sick pedofiles who suck each other dick. and 2lolo gets u drunk so he can perform his ass to mouth theroy

    6. Oh okay, so Crunch Berries is “shit” now. You’re just upset because I sent back the panties you mailed to me with the words “wouldn’t fit in mailbox” written on them.

    7. You should have kept them. I needed a new sail for my boat. Now we can’t go sailing this week…

    8. So. Those are what you call clean? There was still a tractor size skid streak literally

    9. Well after seeing those “clean” panties, you’re gonna need a Crane to lift her if you want to go cowgirl…. Oh and get me a sail too one without shit streaks

    10. omg i didnt anybody panties. And im not a fucking fat ass you moron. Fred u arent gonna fuck me . And for the last time im Macy hes Garrett

    11. I wanna fuck you because I can tell you still wanna fuck me. And you’re just using this poor Ferret-faced fucker to piss me off. You’re doing all this “Ferrett-fucking” bullshit so that when you and I do fuck, it’ll be a more intense hate-fuck, and we’ll both orgasm really hard together. I see what you’re up to. You can’t fool this ol’ boy. You’ve got your little sex-with-Fred plan all laid out.

    12. You’re taking too long to respond to that comment. I’ll bet you’re masturbating to it, aren’t you?

    13. Mazy, don’t even try it. You know you lie in bed every night, rubbin’ your little kitty, thinking of me.

    14. I guess go to plan b Fred! Dazzle Mary with your “Charm” and whoa the panties off. Oh and don’t forget the magic of the paper bag.

    15. Fred i dont think of you. just because your not married or even dating some1 doesnt mean you can just try to screw me. Im not gonna screw you . Get that through your pedofile brain.

  1. This is what happens when caterors use those cheap, plastic put-together “cake tier kits”, instead of the ones that are one-piece or solid. They use them to both try and save money on “storage”, and so they don’t have to shove the posts down inside the cake and have you cut around them. The problem is, you get a pretty cake, but you lose it as soon as you start cutting it. SO, MAKE SURE YOUR CATEROR USES SOLID TIERS AT YOUR WEDDING.

  2. FRED, Someday some FOOL will marry you.. Try asking BBandBracelets?? He would fuck any thing..
    Your a ANY-THING………

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