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  1. This looks like one of those tests u take in the beginning of the year to see where the student is at. I say this student is right on point. =)


    2. But FRED, you did go to school… Your Mother told me… The Kids at school alway pick on you and came home CRYING…… That’s why your Mother took you to KARATE School… But the kids at Karate school used you as a punch bag……..

  2. So fuckin’ fake. Look at the hand writing, you can even tell stuff was added later. This site needs new managers.

  3. thats what they get for making test that are not clear. its probly not fake but for, i would say either 1st or 2nd graders. they usally do a little of everything. and just becouse one dueche says fake doesnt make it so generator. and dante i know your an expert on handwriting and signatures. but tell how can you tell stuff was added later. and even if it was its entirly possible that the kid wrote something then added more to be funny.

  4. there is no fucking way this was a real test, seriously what did they expect?!? hypothetically if this WAS real WTF are the correct answers???

  5. Americans have the silliest questions in their tests, this is soooo sooooo stupid if this was asked to a 14-16 yo student..

  6. EPIC FAKE TEST FAIL (made up to be posted on this website).

    You don’t have to be a history teacher to know that Napoleon didn’t die in a battle!

  7. I love how your teachers handwriting is the same as yours. Look at the work creativity :/ You get a D for Dumbass!

  8. I can’t believe you morons think this is for real. What kind of test would have these questions? What a bunch of morons.

  9. What the heck is that first question supposed to mean? Napoleon didn’t die in a battle, he died in captivity on the island of Saint Helena. C’mon, wikipedia if you fail in common knowledge.

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