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    1. 2lolo masturbates into his navel with his imaginary wee-wee, and then goes to watching birthing videos to figure out what to do next. When the “child” is born he eats it.

    2. Sounds pretty hott if you ask me Fred. What have I been missing out on all these years? If I had known, I could have had sex and impregnated myself…Well, lets just say, I would be well on my way to total world domination. >:)

    3. By the way Fred, Love that little spin you put on my screen name. Might have to use that one myself.

    4. Sorry you can’t rule a world if your offspring is like you. They would be only trying to fuck each other’s ass

    5. Sorry about that misspelling, Titapwease. Now that I know you don’t sport a penis, I will have alot more respect for you from now on. I don’t get along very well with anyone I think does.

    6. BTW: would you check again, just for me? Please, feel around down there…quite vigorously…and, please, let me know how the search goes. If you need help, just let me know.

    7. Thanks Fred! I was being serious when I said I loved the name. I have a twisted sense of humor.

    8. An extra hand when checking things like that is always appreciated. As one cannot be too sure!

    9. Away flies Cupid, wings aspread

      then comes Fred,
      hoping to putting tipawease in his bed.
      After Tipawease sent some mail,
      Fred could not even dare to bail.
      But a last it was to good to be true,
      and pic looked like nothing other but a bunch a poo.

    1. This was meant as a reply to Fred; I apparently am having issues learning how to distinguish reply from comment.

    2. I feel quite sure I could find one down there. And I’ve no doubt that it wouldn’t be a flaccid one.

    3. What? For fuck’s sakes, where? Give me a link! Hell a healthy clit is a dream. Just as long as it’s not as big or bigger than my cock.

  1. ASEXUAL purely means that people with it do not feel sexual attractions, it doesn’t always mean they don’t have sex but that sexual urges do not happen.

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