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    1. Yeah, I’ve been seeing this so-called “win” all over the internet for at least 5 months. And it looks like he gave Batman a blowjob.

    2. Wonder Woman’s symbol was that fabulous ass of Linda Carter. I wish I could grow it around my mouth.

    3. I wonder if he Downs down it is called an epic battle between the forces of batstache and catwoman

    1. You have a Batman suit, don’t you? Wasn’t that Batman, you, that got his ass beat a while back? Wasn’t that in Vegas? You better stay your ass inside with that pussyass Batman suit.

    2. Oh no that was me. I also went on a rampage and killed 50 at the midnight opening of the Batman movie. Just a fyi , DON’T PISS OFF PAPA!

    1. But why your dick already belongs to 2lolo, that wouldn’t be fair to your master. Besides it is woman’s choice, not gay cockgoobler’s.

    2. … It works every time, it’s kind of amazing. Trying to speak French, and making mistakes, always sexy. Sexier than the chloroform rag pickup line anyway. I don’t have any Tori, but I think I have a Torah somewhere.

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