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    1. it’s probably a Hoveround. They say you can go go go in your Hoveround. I think she took it waaaaayyyy to literal

    1. 2lolo’s just not good with technology. Give him a can of dogfood, a P-38, and he’ll fucking flip out.

    2. I never could figure out how to use those damn things. I just use a hatchet, it’s faster.

    3. Though I don’t have a need for but one key, I like to have about 50 on a chain hooked to my beltloop. That, a WWF belt buckle, my Brokeback Mountain cowboy hat, and steeltoed cowboy boots make me look so damned cool.

    4. I, also, like to shift my weight from side to side while clutching my crotch and sucking my teeth.

    1. But the legend also said there will be a day a hero will rise and be able to stop the flow of stairs…..

  1. @ FRED , Your Mother is in the HOSPITAL……. When I was away, Your DUMB Mother found your SEX TOY (Baseball Bat) Now Her Ass-o is Dragging……. The Doctor think they can put it back in??

  2. i always thought it would be funny as shit to see someone falling down the escalator forever. but this was just pathetic. people cant even fail right these days.

  3. Lady, do us all a favor- next time just roll into the tunnel; pretend the white light is a giant bowl of chow-duh.

  4. Wow, regardless of how ignorant she may appear, the comments here are appalling. Y’all should be ashamed. That’s what wrong with America these days, mean-spirited, black hearted assholes.

    1. You should be ashamed of yourself too. Why do you think all the people who commented here, or indeed everyone in the world, lives in America?

    2. The irony of Sheri. She says everyone is mean spirited, and then goes to call them assholes. Whose the mean spirited one here?

    3. People people, we are here to make fun of the lady in the chair not Sheri… and yes I am from USA so fuck you Sheri… bitch 🙂

    4. Go watch the video on YT. the lady can walk just fine. The fat lazy bitch had no business In that wheel chair.

  5. Honestly, I would’ve kept riding to the top and walked off. If she was that fucking stupid to try and get on the escalator with that thing she deserves what she gets……..fucking moron!

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