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  1. @FRED, I have Good News and Bad News.. First the Bad News, Your Mother kick your Daddy out!!! Good News, I’m moving in with your MOM and Younger Sister!!!

    1. @2lolo I have good news and bad news… First the Bad news 2lolo they are kicking you out(lack of a penis or something like that, wasn’t listening). Now the Good news @Fred we (your mom and I ) have decided to change your name to Fred Smurf welcome to the family son.

    2. bad news again: the house was mysteriously burned down and everyone inside was killed(tht means you) -GOOD NEWS: its my house now so i can live in peace with my 50,000 cats(and a hamster)

    3. More bad news, 2lolo. They’ve both been tested positive for HIV and syphilis. Did you give those STDs to my mom and sister?

    4. Yeah, they must’ve gotten it from my “9 inch” cock. It’s the only possible explanation. Cause you know, I bang so many chicks it’s not even funny. In Mexico I’m known as “El Chico Verga”, which basically means I’m huge. I think.

    5. Well, I hope I didn’t catch anything from your grandmother. I dug her up the other night, skull fucked her and gave her a facial all over her green moldy teeth. I’ve had better, actually.

  2. I hope the people in the car get involved in an accident and that giggling girl’s tongue gets ripped out on impact.

  3. @PAPA SMURF, AH!!!! You want FRED to live with you so you can have a free pice of ASS….. Don’t Forget to wipe FRED ass after you done Fucking him………

    1. Actually my wetdream involves 2pigs, 1horse, 5 clones of myself, and Fred’s mom…. I will let you figure out the details…

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