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    1. Well you know I got the sail up and waiting but only the girls showed so far… Where are you guys?

  1. your click is stupid and so are your gay ass comments. Really you should find a gay forum to join and make all the comments you want there. Your comments usually have NOTHING to do with the fails or wins on this site! So sick of you talking about sucking dick and pussy and whatever. GO AWAY!

    1. Spelled “clique” wrong, retard.

      And how would you know whether or not we have lives? Well, I don’t, but how dare you judge Fred?

    2. Well, I suppose I should go to Walmart, walk around and text message everybody I know a bunch of stupid messages. That would be a life…I guess.
      Or I could just sit here, read comments and get mad as hell about what everybody writes. That would be a life…I guess.

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