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    1. If they continue ordering meal like that, someone will wipe ass or shit their fried chicken in kitchen…

    2. Well said. Let’s not too harsh after all, who knows what 2lolo would do if they ordered from him.

    3. the second guy “singing” really sucks although the whole singing your order routine is retarded anyway

  1. for some reason ppl think its funny to post videos like this. If some wanna-be asshole showed up at my job like this, he’d be licking pavement in the parking lot with a crushed windpipe…

    1. Mmmm never thought of that you know they say those that pose idol threats like the tard, usually have no true friends

    1. They put alot of sugar and corn syrup in their food, though. That’s why you feed your big, hogheaded ass from there. Keeps that Weeble looking figure of yours in shape.

    2. Well if your vocal chords are always busy then you must not get any pussy, try a different a.pproach

    3. Talking about sex usually works for me. Try something like, “Hello! You are fine as HELL! Wanna fuck?”
      Doesn’t always work. Especially when their cockblocking boyfriend is with them.

    4. Or you could use my favorite pickup line: “Hi, does this rag smell like chloroform?”
      Works every time.

    5. @FRED, I like your new photo, You look close to a HUMAN… Who’s that woman next to you??? I’ll pay her $5.00 to fuck her ass.. and $1.00 for tip…

    1. … Sad sad little man… The only people who watches your shit is your lil ass-jockies

  2. the little kid just wishes he was big enough to ask these “i’m so angry and hard”wiggers to stop pointing,peacocking, spitting on the glass partition, shut the fuck, stop wasting my precious time, get some real honest jobs and just order your fucking chicken.

  3. The only thing that would have made this video not piss me off was if some little kid’s dad came out of nowhere and dropped MC DoucheKnuckle.

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